Food-enemies of Male Potency

26101625The presence of these products in the diet of men may reduce its potency.

1. Liquor. Predictably, is not it. After drinking spirits man, as it seems, he finds self-confidence, become more bold and relaxed. This applies not only to the body and thought process, but also erection. If you have scheduled a meeting soon, you would not get carried away by alcohol, can drink a glass of champagne, wine or brandy, but no more.

2. Carbonated drinks. Do not be tempted by colorful advertisements and the inscription on the label – “diet”. We all know that all of these drinks contain huge amounts of sugar, as well as others, are not harmless, additives, which have a negative impact on male hormones.

3. Popcorn. Which we used to have, not only in the movies, but also at home. It is believed that this is one of the “killing” of products for male potency. Frequent eating popcorn at the man may have problems not only with the libido, but also with the prostate.

4. Canned Food. The saddest thing is that the entire conservation included in this list. Since the composition of many of these products contain sodium which stimulates increases in blood pressure, and this is followed, circulatory disorders in the sexual organs.

5. Peppermint. It seems quite harmless, but not for men. It prevents the development of the male hormone testosterone in krovi-, and this leads to a decrease in the libido level.

So think before you poison your body and deprive yourself of the pleasure.

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