Food Affects Mood

Besides the fact that there are both harmful and useful products, it turns out, there are those who are able to give courage, or vice versa to create a dream state.

Of course, those products that give energy, it is best to eat in the morning.

According to most nutritionists, the best breakfast is porridge, and, better, if it is prepared from buckwheat or oats, although rice and barley, is also a good choice. Despite the fact that there is a perception that coffee has tonic properties, cheer up better with the help of green tea, without sugar and coffee is better to drink half an hour after a meal.

At lunchtime, you can afford to eat a piece of meat, it is advisable not fat varieties and steamed or baked. As a side dish, for which many people prefer pasta or potatoes, it is best to replace them with vegetables, because they not only affect the appearance of excess weight, but also possess hypnotic properties.

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