Folk Remedies for Colds

1409201614With the onset of cold weather increases the risk of colds, the symptoms of which are known to many, it is a runny nose, cough, chills. The most important thing for a speedy recovery is to stick with bed rest and the use of therapeutic agents. If on the feet carry disease, especially at elevated temperature, the complications can arise.

Doctors do not recommend to take the medication at body temperature below 38 degrees, since the body needs to fight the virus itself. During this period, it is best to drink plenty of fluids in the form of medicinal concoctions. The most effective and antipyretics are the infusion of rose hips, fruit drink made from cranberries and milk in the form of heat. Such herbs like psyllium and licorice root help with coughing.

Excellent natural antibiotic considered to be onions and garlic, which can not only eat, but also expanded into the room where the patient is. In the event that such treatment has not brought the desired result, it is necessary to seek medical attention, as the common cold, which lasts a long time, can provoke pneumonia.

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