Fireworks Have a Negative Impact on Health

28101627In India, doctors noticed a surge of human diseases of the respiratory system after major holidays, which decided to organize all your favorite act in the form of launching fireworks.

Often, people do not associate the two events and ignore the deterioration of his health, which leads to a worsening of the problem and the development of respiratory diseases in both adults and children.

Virtually all substances are released into the atmosphere after the explosion of the fireworks are harmful to the human body of aluminum compound and barium nitrate sulfur after combustion in turn extremely harmful to the human body the combination of cadmium, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, as well as manganese. As a result – the people who are present at the launch of fireworks happening respiratory organs irritation as a result of contact with these substances on the mucosa.

Particularly harmful particles are PM 10, which because of its small size is able to penetrate into the lungs, causing convulsions due to oxygen starvation, which is extremely harmful to asthmatics and leads to the progression of the disease.

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