Features of Pregnancy after 35 Years

080920164In today’s world, many women start to have children after 30 years. At the same time, there is still a certain stereotype that the late first birth can have big problems and high risk of miscarriage. In fact, experience shows that a woman can quite easily become a mother are absolutely healthy child, even if she is over 35 years. However, in this case, you need to keep in mind some important nuances that can help make pregnancy and childbirth easier.

In fact, to have a baby after 35 years, it is not as difficult as it may seem. Much more difficult to get pregnant at this age, because with age, the number of eggs in the female body is significantly reduced. That is why, if after the first 6 months you have not managed to become pregnant, you should always consult a doctor who will conduct the necessary tests and give a positive recommendation.

Quite often during pregnancy after the age of 35 years increases the risk of premature birth. You must be prepared in advance for this, even at the planning stage.

If done correctly, then you are sure to become a happy mother with no problems, even if you are over 35 years old.

Should I wait 35 years?

Many modern girls suggest that giving birth to a child is best after 30 years. They have a certain career. It was a period from 24 to 28 years. The probability of pathology or miscarriages is 70% lower than after 35 years. That is why, try not to delay the process of childbirth. However, with the right approach to your diet and lifestyle, you can even give birth to a completely healthy baby even at the age of 40, if you want.

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