Fatty Foods that Must be Included in the Diet

For many years, nutritionists recommend consuming no fatty foods, because it affects the weight gain and the appearance of other side effects.

However, as the researchers found in the UK, there are a number of products that contain fats that are essential for our body.

First of all such products are eggs, a part of which has everything you need for the life of any organism, and, in their yolks does not contain bad cholesterol, as stated about it before. Therefore, regardless of age and weight, enter them into your daily diet, of course in moderation, and preferably in the morning.

Olive oil contains a number of vitamins and amino acids to prevent the occurrence of cancer and improve the skin condition. Very useful fatty fish, which include salmon, mackerel, trout and other species.

Those people who use the product is not less than twice a week, not only improve immunity but also extend themselves in life.

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