Fast Food Intake Contributes to the Development of Diabetes

Everyone knows that nutritionists recommend not to eat three times a day, as was the custom before, but at least five times.

In this case, the amount of product to be significantly smaller, and this in order to alleviate the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn contributes to better digestibility.

In addition, you must comply with one of the most important rules for eating, it is thoroughly chewed. Lithuanian scientists have for several years conducted a study, which is attended by more than 700 volunteers.

As a result, failed to prove that the people who ate the food slowly, with her well chewed, not only suffered less diseases of the stomach such as gastritis and ulcers, but also three times less suffered from diabetes, which is known in most cases, obesity is the result.

Therefore, during a meal, try not to be distracted by reading newspapers, watching TV, because without noticing, you will swallow large pieces of food, so eating it is much more than necessary.

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