Fast Food Can Affect Vision

20101624Do you like to eat fast food? You can not imagine life without a hamburger or french fries?

In this case, we recommend that you find out in advance the address of a good ophthalmologist, since it is likely that your vision starts to deteriorate very quickly. At the very least, such a hypothesis recently put forward experts for the study of the organs of vision.

After the research, it was found that the consumption of trans fats and junk food can have a significant impact on vision. Moreover, there are already cases where people are completely blind after eating too often this food.

For example, a teenager named Cyan Moore was one of those who have already suffered from his love of fast food. For several years, 14-year-old man regularly visited these restaurants and eating fast food. After that, he began to complain about the fact that his eyes are constantly dry and cause some itching.

Very quickly teenage eyesight began to deteriorate, but the doctors could not understand what it is connected. It turns out that the main reason was the shortage in the body of vitamin Man A, which was triggered by malnutrition.

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