Family People Live Longer

Probably everyone dreams of starting a family, because it is not interesting to live alone, because next to no husband, or wife, not to mention the children that parents are the meaning of life.

In addition, experts say that people who have entered into the marriage, live much longer than their single counterparts, thus better preserving health.

Young people who have reached the age of thirty, not too worried about that, what else are singles category, and it is not surprising, because they still have time to spare for his marriage. But to those who are over forty years old, but they have not got a family, much more difficult, to the same, according to statistics, such people are less likely to survive to old age.

Scientists conducted the analysis, which lasted for many years, it was found that the mortality rate among confirmed bachelor in middle age doubles. Maybe that’s why, in recent years cases of so-called civil marriage are more common when people are not burdened with a stamp in the passport, together spend most of their time.

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