Factors Affecting Improving Blood Supply

Due to the fact that plaques appear in the blood vessels, its circulation worsens, which leads to numbness of the limbs, and also, more serious diseases can arise.

One of the causes of poor blood supply is overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol, and also, a sedentary lifestyle.

In order to prevent the occurrence of plaques, you must follow certain rules. First of all, you should stop using fatty foods, especially if you do not burn enough calories. In your diet, enter the fish of fatty varieties, which should be consumed every two days.

Also, every day eat at least two cloves of garlic and foods rich in fiber. In the cold season, while on the street, try to keep your hands and feet warm to avoid cramping of limbs.

When cooking, use spices and condiments more often, which not only improve blood supply, but are also considered to be warming. Scientists have proved that walking on the stairs is useful for the work of the heart and is considered more effective than cycling.

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