Eyelash Extensions are not Safe for Health

On that just do not agree to women to look attractive, it and exhausting diets, nails, and even plastic surgery.

This is especially noticeable in the spring, when we have to part with a winter wardrobe. One of the procedures that improve the appearance of women, is the eyelash.

Recently, this service uses an increasing number of the fairer sex, and not only in adulthood but also among young people. However, many of them are not even aware that such capacity could adversely affect vision. The fact is that here gluing eyelashes time, and they are natural or artificial, the glue used, which when hit in the eye, may appear severe irritation, which is accompanied by increased lacrimation.

Subject to certain rules, namely, not to take a shower during the day, do not use detergents when washing, as well as during sleep do not go to face in the pillow, glued eyelashes can hold no more than one and a half months.

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