Experts Recommendations on the Use of Tea

One of the most popular beverage is tea, which can not only quench your thirst, but also enriches our body with useful substances, including antioxidants.

People living in hot countries, mainly drink tea, because it is impossible to drink plain water.

The benefits of tea has long been known, because it helps the cardiac system, improves digestion, and gives the body a feeling of cheerfulness. The most useful green tea is considered to be large-leaf varieties, and, despite the fact that their price is higher than normal, as far as possible, try to give preference to this tea to get the most benefit and enjoy its aroma.

Brewing tea is water, the temperature of which should be within 80 degrees, and the brewing time should be 10-15 minutes. Connoisseurs of this drink are advised to drink it without sugar. As for the black tea varieties, they also benefit, subject to moderate use, the usual norm is 5 cups a day, but not before bedtime.

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