Excessive Attracting Attention Causes Negative Reaction

Psychologists say that some people behave in a team so as to attract as much attention as possible.

Usually these are people who in childhood received various traumas and different from others underestimation of their abilities.

In order to somehow stand out, they try to take care of others, and sometimes it is so exaggerated that there is a backlash, with the result that, instead of reciprocal benevolent behavior, people try to avoid meetings with them and did not even want to talk on the phone. A sense of self-worth to them plays an important role as they have not received confirmation of its importance, they will look for it constantly.

Such people must first revise their self-esteem, because even that man is given life, this is a great asset that must be valued. By the way, most of these people are trying to present themselves not by what they actually meant hypocrisy.

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