Every day Drink Water on an Empty Stomach

2109201612During sleep, our body goes through a variety of processes that result, are separated from the harmful nutrients. For their elimination is a good method for a glass of water you drink on an empty stomach.

Many people prefer to sleep after a night the first thing to drink a cup of coffee, because they believe that it invigorates. However, it is not necessary to do, as scientists proved that a glass of warm water with lemon juice is much more favorable effect on the body and gives the energy as much as coffee. Water, drunk on an empty stomach, a positive effect on digestion. In addition, water acts as a diuretic, so it should be drunk in the morning those people who have been swelling.

People involved in sports, which results in sweating, just have to drink plenty of water, to avoid dehydration. For the average person drinking a daily rate of pure water is approximately 2 liters to be distributed throughout the day. Exceed this standard is not necessary, because excess fluid gives an additional burden on the kidneys.

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