Enhancing the Immune System Can be Dangerous

All textbooks on medicine and health magazines are telling us that the key to the proper functioning of our body is the proper work of the immune system.

For this reason, many doctors and experts are constantly being told that a person should work to strengthen the immune system to get rid of chronic diseases and improve overall health.

Recently, however, the staff of the University of Michigan (USA) came to the conclusion that the work on strengthening the immune system must be carried out very carefully.

It turns out that in conducting research on laboratory mice, the scientists found that at lower levels of immune animals are less susceptible to infectious diseases that affect the respiratory tract organs. Thus, mice that had a higher level of immunity, have received more severe complications.

According to scientists, it was the result of increased immune system fight infection. Because of a strong immunity to fight infection has been more active, which led to a strong inflammatory process.

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