Embrace Brings Health Benefits

The calendar is marked as World Day hugs January 21, which means that people should as often as possible to embrace, and, not only that day, but also in others.

The fact is that in addition to positive emotions, embrace a positive effect on the psychological state of the person, thus increasing the years of his life.

In Japan, a survey was conducted among centenarians, and as we all know, this country is characterized by the fact that here people are living much longer, who responded that the most important thing is the positive emotions and the more of them the better. At first glance, hugs can not affect our state, however, it is a superficial view, because, at this point the person feels happy.

Nowadays, there is such a situation where people sometimes even without reason, in an outburst of aggression, insult each other, thereby causing psychological harm, both to your health and others. Therefore, try as much as possible smile bowl hug their children and parents who sometimes need your support, and you will notice how all you feel is improved.

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