Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

01121614Everybody knows that the abuse of such products as salt and sugar is not necessary, and if salt is needed by the body, of course, in small doses, the sugar is better not to include in your diet, and not only because of eating this product, dialed once weight, because there are a number of reasons.

Many people can not resist the temptation to eat a slice of cake or a cake, thinking that they will not bring harm to the body, the more so because it is not so often pamper yourself these sweets.

However, this is false, because the percentage of sugar in these products is high, which means the body will have to produce insulin more thereby increasing blood sugar levels.

Besides that sweet lovers more likely to develop diabetes, sugar is still contributes to the formation of dental caries, not to mention that also affects organs such as the liver and kidneys. The fact that the abundance of sugar can form excess fat in the liver, resulting in such a serious disease such as cirrhosis can occur.
Finally, sugar negatively affects state of health, as part of his drinking leads to fatigue.

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