Elementary School Causes Obesity in Children

030920162Scientists from the United Kingdom conducted a study, the results of which have come to the conclusion that the number of obese children in elementary school significantly increases. This evidence suggests that most of the teenagers are in varying degrees, have problems with excess body weight in the coming years.

According to the results of this study, only the UK has been revealed more than 57 thousand children who came to the primary school normal, and finished it with a certain degree of obesity.

Experts say that to blame the lack of constant parental controls. When the child is in school, he has access to a variety of high-calorie or unhealthy foods, so quickly begins to gain weight. Scientists have asked the Ministry of Education that was increased the number of physical education classes, as well as tightened control over the sale of high-calorie foods in school cafeterias.

Recall that in recent years scientists have proved that every year it is the excess weight is one of the main causes of cancer in the body. Take care of your baby’s diet. This will allow him to improve his own health.

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