Electronic Cigarettes are the Cause of Gum Disease

2611165The harmful effects of electronic cigarettes (Weipa) have been identified by scientists during the experiment on the human body.

Scientists at the University of Rochester (New York) had a experience for the impact of electronic cigarettes in the human oral cavity. They recreated synthetically cells and gingival gum tissue for 15 minutes and was placed in a vessel filled with steam produced by electronic cigarettes.

The experiment revealed that the cells contained in the steam carbyne acids and aldehydes, have contributed to the inflammation of the gums in the cells, while the cells themselves are damaged, as has long been subjected to the strongest stress.

This facilitated the process of aging and deterioration of the process of cell division, which in turn makes the cell more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Also, experts have found that the most detrimental effect applied to electronic cigarettes tucked liquid with a certain taste.

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