Electronic Cigarettes Are Just as Harmful

In order to quit smoking, which is known to do the most harm to our health, it must be the desire of the person, because without it is practically impossible to achieve the desired result.

It is hard to imagine how many people in the world die from lung cancer and other diseases caused by nicotine.

Most of today’s tobacco manufacturers add to it a variety of substances for flavor that makes cigarettes more harmful and addictive. Some young people prefer to smoke electronic cigarettes, considering them less harmful, and thus try to get rid of smoking.

Medical experts warn that despite the less detrimental effect on such cigarettes, a certain dose of nicotine still enters the body, just as from a hookah, which some people consider harmless.

One of the advantages of electronic cigarettes is that they are due to battery reusable, in addition, they can be charged by different fillers having different tastes, to which man as accustomed.

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