Echolocation – One of the Faculties of Man

Modern research has opened up prospects for the amazing ability of the human echolocation.

As you know, in the world of mammals, animals such as bats, dolphins and many other creatures are able to determine the location and characteristics of the surrounding area, using sound waves emitted by them, and their reflection in the form of an echo.

New research in the world of science suggests that the human mind is also capable of echolocation. Thus, in the experiment, 12 people voluntarily agreed, among which were like the blind, and people with keen eyesight, it was suggested to try themselves and their own abilities. Each participant was placed in a scanner, and then allowed them to listen audioportret premises – church. Then, the participants were required to publish the clip-clopping sound of the language, which after was recorded and transmitted to the recording in the form of an echo.

Monitoring the activity of the cortex of the human brain while listening to the recorded sound on the background of the room gave the scientists to conclude that humans can analyze the world focusing on the reflection of sound waves at the time of the experiment, the subjects were active auditory and motor areas of the cerebral cortex.

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