Early Wake up Unhealthy

18101624For the latest information scientists from the United States suggest that the early climbs a negative impact on the activities of our psyche.

In particular, when people wake up too early, their body is in an elevated state of nervousness and because of that he will exhaust its own resources. This is especially true for those people who are experiencing increased mental load – schoolchildren, students, representatives of intellectual professions.

It turns out that if a person wakes up early, his mind is in a state of stress.

If this condition occurs regularly, it seriously affects the overall health and reduces the level of activity. Many people who have a habit of waking up early, often complain of pain in the heart, of feeling unwell on a feeling of weakness. In addition, the early rise significantly reduces the efficiency of brain activity, so office workers better to come to work no earlier than 9:00 am.

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