During Flu and Colds Time Consume Dairy Products

With the arrival of cold weather, of course, not only increases the risk of colds, but also the virus, which in our days there are many.

In addition to the drugs that we take in this period, it is necessary to pay attention to diet, because, from what foods we eat depends not only overall, but also the body’s ability to quickly deal with the illness.

If, despite all your efforts, was unable to avoid a cold or flu, then, be sure to include in your diet milk products.

It is best suited for this purpose the milk purchased from individual farmers, since it is always fresh, but, most importantly, contains not contain any additives. If desired, natural milk can be obtained cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, and even whey, which by its beneficial properties not inferior.

These products help the stomach and intestines, so as to free it from harmful savings and improves mood. If you buy dairy products in the store, in the first place, pay attention to the duration of its storage, and the larger it is, the less healthy.

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