Due to Lack of Disturbance, Bone Fabric is Disrupted

Everyone knows that in the case of lack of sleep, there is necessarily a feeling of fatigue, loss of efficiency, as well as psychological disorders, sometimes turning into a state of depression.

However, American scientists managed to prove that insufficient sleep time negatively affects the bone system.

During the research, male volunteers of different ages were selected, for whom the sleep time was reduced daily and, at the final stage of the experiment, they slept three hours a day. After taking the tests, it became clear that there was a bone disorder in their body. The most surprising thing is that the worst indicators were in young people, as evidenced by the fact that their bone system is in the formation stage.

Therefore, regardless of age, sleep should be given due attention, in order to the body suffered as little as possible. They also confirmed that lack of sleep contributes to the appearance of extra pounds, and significantly reduces life expectancy, because the body quickly wears out.

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