Drinks, Warming in Cold Season

1012167Most colds in winter, are due to hypothermia, because people have to stand at bus stops waiting for public transport and they, without even noticing, provoke the body to freeze.

One of the first signs of such a state is a slight tremor, and if at the time did not take action, then the next day is a high probability of occurrence of sore throat, runny nose and cough.

Therefore, you should avoid such a state, if time allows, it is better to walk a couple of stops on foot, so you not only get warm, but not type superfluous kgs.

Now working on the streets a lot of gastronomic establishments, which offer a variety of drinks, so you can warm up by drinking some. Of course, preference should be given all kinds of tea and coffee, which is not only warm, but also to cheer.

This drink, cocoa, children who normally drink, very useful, because in its composition does not contain harmful substances, and milk that is added to it, and even join with vitamins.

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