Drink Before Bedtime is Very Dangerous

Many of us like to drink a variety of alcoholic beverages, citing the fact that it helps to relax and fall asleep faster.

Yes, alcohol does have such a property – when present in the body, the person falls asleep faster.

But recent studies of scientists from the London show that drinking alcohol before going to bed is very dangerous for health. It turns out that with such a situation, the body gets a big load, because a number of its internal cycles disrupted and begins to work properly.  In fact, the person passes the phrase “REM” and immediately immersed in a “deep sleep.”

It prevents normal rest and recover, so the next morning will feel tired and sleepy.

Another negative effect of alcohol late at night is provoking chronic snoring. This disrupts normal breathing and causes a range of adverse health risks. That is why, if you want to maintain your own health, you need to give up drinking alcohol before going to bed.

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