Does Not Renounce Headwear in Winter

26111610It is now fashionable to wear hats in the winter season, particularly observed among young people, who can not even imagine that in a short period of stay in the cold, the consequences can be very serious.

The fact is that due to hypothermia head hair become brittle and fall, and there were occasions when it was complete baldness. However, there are even more serious diseases of the head, such as meningitis, which is very difficult to cure.

All parents tend to make their children wear a hat so that his ears were closed and it is not for nothing, because you can catch a cold ears and otitis media can cause inflammation of the brain.

This is especially true of those who practice winter sports, as in skiing or skating, the body is strongly heated and cold air, affecting the bare head, can cause vasoconstriction. Therefore, during the cold season, you should always keep your head warm, especially now offers a wide selection of hats for all tastes.

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