Doctors Say About Stimulating the Immune System of White Tea

1911168Due to its unique therapeutic characteristics of white tea is directly involved in strengthening the immune system of the body, which is often impaired viral bacteria that lead to awakening unwanted infectious diseases.

Lower excess cholesterol content, reduce the pressure of the circulatory system and help overcome fatigue overtaken polyphenols present in tea beverage composition. It is worth noting, tea excellent assistant relieve tension and relax. If judge the amount of caffeine present therein, then the ratio is much lower than in the black or green tea.

White tea is presented in considerable varietal diversity.

Collect tea buds need when they are ready for disclosure. Kidneys in its external shape and needle-shaped oblong, covered with silver threads. When welding, kidney resemble bamboo shoots, because the bud becomes cup.

However, production of this species is rather similar to the production of other varieties of tea. Bud represented only 1-2 leaves and 3-4. Tea was awarded its name thanks to the subtle curve of his kidneys, reminiscent of an eyebrow.

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