Doctors do not Recommend Dining at the TV

150920161Nowadays one of the problems humanity is overweight as a result of which there are a number of different diseases. In order to prevent obesity, you must in your diet menu to include more vegetables and fruits and eat less fatty foods and confectionery. Residents of countries that on the table is dominated by seafood and vegetable dishes, suffer less from this disease than those who eat semi, hamburgers, turn dog and other finished products.

Every woman wants to be slim and attractive, so they try to keep an eye on their figure, applying different diets. But, there are times when a woman forget that she decided to use a limited amount of food.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which it became clear that while watching TV, especially exciting program, people lose control in the food constraint. Therefore, doctors do not recommend to combine dinner with watching TV. Australian scientists who conducted the experiment proved that the person, eat at the screens could not even remember the number of eaten food.

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