Doctors do Not Recommend Back Tears

Children’s laughter is often replaced by weeping, and it is natural, but with age, people are embarrassed to tears, even in difficult situations, because there is a perception that they are a sign of weakness.

If women can not afford to cry when they got hurt, and, both physical and moral, that the majority of men abstain from such displays of affection. And in vain!

The fact that the Canadian scientists were able to prove that at the time of weeping with tears relieves stress and reduces anger to the offender, or the situation, because of which had so much experience. It was also noted that those who occasionally allow themselves to cry, suffer less from heart disease.

In short we can say that it is not necessary to accumulate a negative, because it destroys our nervous system. As a rule, people, restraining her tears, different aggressiveness, temper, therefore, should the need arise to cry, do not try to control your emotions, but it would be better if you laugh more often.

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