Do not Tell a Man about Your Former

The relationship between a man and a woman is a very little studied field of psychology.

At the heart of these relationships is not only love, but also trust, a sense of comfort and mutual understanding.

But sometimes women in relationships make mistakes that can lead to scandals or even parting.

Psychologists say that the most important mistake is stories about intimate relationships with past men. If a girl tells her man about how she had sex with other men before him – this is the first step to losing confidence. Surprisingly, all men subconsciously want to be next to an innocent girl. They understand that she had someone before, but they do not need to know the details of all this.

In addition, if you start telling your real guy about the former, he may think that you are comparing him to someone and this will trigger the emergence of self-doubt. Even if the man himself is interested in the topic of your past sexual life, you should try to somehow bypass this question or answer it with general template phrases.

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