Do not Talk On the Mobile During a Thunderstorm

After the end of winter with the onset of warm spring days, rains are often observed accompanied by thunderstorms.

There are some tips on how to behave if during a thunderstorm you are out of buildings in an open area.

One of the precautions is the ban on the use of mobile phones at such a time, because human life is in danger.

In many countries recorded cases when the discharge fell into the person who spoke on the phone. For example, in England, a minor category made a disabled 15-year-old girl, who, while in the park, talked on the phone. This led to the fact that she had a rupture of the tympanic membrane, as a result of which the girl completely lost her hearing, as well as the brain work was disrupted.

Therefore, wherever you are during a thunderstorm, try not only not to talk, but also completely disable smartphones, tablets, telephones and other equipment capable of radiating radio waves. Thus, you will save not only your life, but others.

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