Do Not Refuse to Use Soups

For a long time there is debate among dietitians, the theme of which is the benefit or harm of soups.

Some say that during the preparation of the first dishes during cooking meat it emits many harmful substances that negatively affect the work of the stomach. This is especially true of fatty meats, soups which are too caloric.

Therefore, some people completely refuse to use soups, cereals, or replacing them with mashed potatoes, considering such dishes most useful. Then the other half says that liquid meals help to improve digestion, the only condition that the meat boiled separately and added to the finished soup, which should consist of lots of vegetables.

It is not recommended to fill the soup with fried onions and carrots, and also add hot spices, as the benefits of this dish you will not get, but the appearance of heartburn, you are guaranteed.

In some countries, very popular are soups with seafood, which are also recommended to boil water in a separate.

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