Do Not Get Carried Away During Long Watching TV

With the advent of modern appliances, the life of people more comfortable.

Just a few hundred years ago, in order to cook the food, it was necessary to chop wood and melt the furnace, the heat emanating from which, warmed premises.

Nowadays there microwaves, Multivarki, not to mention the electric and gas cooker, allowing the hosts to spend on cooking dinner, as the minimum amount of time and physical exertion.

With regard to such equipment as a TV and a computer, then, sitting in front of their screens, people started to move a lot less than our ancestors. It is therefore not surprising that in today’s world, one of the global problems is obesity, which affects not only older people, but young people.

Apart from the fact that, from a long TV watching human suffering psychological state, causing insomnia and irritability, television worsens the ecological condition of the premises, which affects its occupants.

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