Do not Forget to Wash Your Hands More Often

In order to protect themselves against various infections, it is necessary to comply with the rules of hygiene.

One of them is washing your hands, because they often become carriers of infection.

It is hard to imagine how many people, for example, held on to the handrails on the bus or subway, and among them there are people with chronic diseases that are easily transmitted.

The same applies to the door handles, elevator buttons, and other items of general use, not to mention the toilets. Therefore, not only themselves, but also to teach your children to wash their hands with soap after returning home. This is especially true before the meal, and, washing time should not be less than one minute.

Going to the nature, always take it with a loaf of bread and water, and if this is not possible, you can use wipes that have been treated with an alcohol solution. After contact with such foods as raw meat or fish, be sure to perform this procedure. This also applies to those cases where you are in contact with the animals.

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