Do not Discard Rind from Citrus Products

23111613Few people do not like tea with lemon, which is not surprising, because in addition to a pleasant taste of this fruit, thanks to the high content of vitamin C, has healing properties. The same can be said about the oranges, the juice of which many people are used to drink in the morning.

These citrus fruits, which can be added and tangerines, are particularly useful in the autumn, when more and more cases of colds and viral diseases. However, we used to eat only the pulp of the fruit, while the rind is usually thrown away, what is a gross mistake.

As nutritionists, it is in the peel of citrus fruits are a large number of nutrients, so use it as often as possible. Peel of seasonal fruits can be added to tea, but on one condition, that the water temperature is not too high. Also, well-dried and grind the peel of oranges and lemons can be used for baking confectionery.

The only thing you need to do is to thoroughly wash fruits before eating, preferably with warm water and a small amount of soda, because, for better transportation and shelf life, they are treated with a variety of drugs that are not very useful.

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