Divers – Potential Patients of Dentists

Sport diving is not very appreciated by dentists.

Reason immersion all growing water environment pressure affects the gums and dentition, which increases the number of patients medical data. For doctors plus, which is not the patients themselves.

According to research by experts, stay under the water surface adversely affect the state of crowns, fillings due to the tightening of the jaws as well as sharp changes in ambient pressure. These symptoms occur in submariners when submerged, the miners during the descent (although they are not in the aquatic environment).

Past American University of Buffalo study involving hundreds of test, previously engaged in diving, not only to do, and have a certificate, it was found out; 41% of participants had symptoms of various kinds of gum abnormalities, jaw bones, teeth.

Tooth pain due to pressure surges was detected in 42% of subjects. Because of the oxygen pressure regulator in the mouth pain experienced 25% of the volunteers, jaw pain formulations caused complaints about 22% of the respondents. Problems with crowns experienced divers 5%, and in one there was a destruction of the seal.

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