Disposal Methods of Unpleasant Foot Odor

Some people are faced with such a problem, when they observed increased sweating feet and unpleasant smell.

Apart from the fact that it creates discomfort to the person, because often there is irritation of the skin, itchy, uncomfortable he feels being in the team, especially if you have to take off your shoes, for example, having a rest in the hotel.

The main cause of bad breath is the emergence of microbes on the soles of the feet, which feed on the dead skin parts, and waste their livelihoods contribute to its occurrence.

In order to get rid of these microbes, water treatment for the feet, using antibacterial soap should be carried out daily. In addition, various well help bath.

For example, you can use black tea, which, in one liter of water steamed 3 bags welding, and when the temperature reaches 40 degrees, hold the foot in half an hour. Thanks tannins contained in tea, significantly reduced sweating feet, provided that such a procedure you will perform every day.

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