Diet Against Depression

31101625The summer, came the golden autumn. The drop in temperature, humidity, the arrival of the Doges, the gray paint outside, wilting flowers.

We understand that the six months nature will not please the warm sun and bright landscapes have to forget. All this begins to oppress us, and we will not mind falls into “autumn depression“.

But if we sit down, calm down, think it over, hide all of our nerves, anger, self-hatred, and to the whole world, a fantasy about what all united against you, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is an exit! The remedy for depression exist! And it is not too intricate and it seems to us.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This will give a sense of the continuation of the summer. Yet we should not forget about vitamins and their magical properties. Mother Nature has taken care of us, she has a great storehouse of fruits to produce serotonin. What is it? Of course, good mood hormone. This cheese, figs, plums, figs, dark chocolate. But not all will give enough. Beautiful, aesthetic serving has your correct disheartening.

Tea and coffee can be replaced with favorite decoction of herbs – thyme, mint, lime – which, according to our grandmothers, a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

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