Detoxification of the Body with the Help of a Lemon

090920165Lemon – one of the major sources of useful vitamins for our body. In general, it is known as the landlord of Vitamin C, but in fact, useful properties of this product is much more than meets the eye.

For example, many experts on nutrition and diets recommend their patients to use lemon to cleanse the body and removal from it of toxins. In order to carry out detoxification at home, you will need a few ingredients – a lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and mineral water.

Mixing these ingredients in the proper proportions, you make lemonade, and begin to drink it within 10 days. During this period of time the body begins to work well in the self-cleaning, removal of residues and toxins and improves overall health.

How to Properly Drink Lemon?

Despite the beneficial properties of lemon contains a high concentration of vitamin C and acid. That is why it can be dangerous for people with acidic stomach or peptic ulcer. It is best to use lemon with water, because in this way you get more vitamins that are absorbed into the blood faster. It is very important to use a lemon daily – for example, add it to tea or ice water in the morning. Doctors recommend to use lemons in the spring, when the body is weakened by a deficiency of vitamins and beneficial trace elements.

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