Dentists are Advised to Eat Chocolate

2910162Recent research in the field of dentistry plunged adherents of traditional views on what the mouth is good for health, and is not, in deep shock.

In the course of numerous experiments, it was found that the top products that are considered to be the most harmful to the dental enamel, now on the contrary advised to use. Primarily these include strawberries, dark chocolate and green tea.

The news was published in The Daily Mail, and was like an explosion, which has not spared any self-respecting doctor dental grow back. Numerous disputes on account of the reliability of this information was confirmed by doctors with a worldwide reputation, and the general opinion was expressed dentist Harold Katz.

According to dentists, who deserve to be listened to them, eating dark chocolate, strawberry and green tea in the morning meal will contribute to the most effective removal of plaque from the tooth enamel, which is formed during the night.

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