Dehydration of the Organism Dangerous for Health

A scientist from England has for many years studied the causes of the appearance of stone kidney disease.

After a series of studies he managed to prove that, in addition to heredity, kidney stones can form as a result of a lack of water in the body.

Everyone has known for a long time that for an adult a daily water norm should be at least two liters, but some people do not adhere to this rule, which causes serious problems in the body.

The professor also recommends that, even in case of lack of thirst, it is necessary to drink water daily, and in no case to replace it with various drinks, especially those that cause irreparable harm to our health.

These include sweet carbonated water, and, any producers, as well as packaged juices with a long shelf life, because they contain a lot of sugar and other harmful additives. Therefore, going on a trip, regardless of the season, always take water with you to avoid dehydration, which, incidentally, is more common in older people.

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