Day of Left-Handers

Day of Left-HandersThis year, on August 13 at the 40th time celebrated the annual International Day of left-handers. On this day, residents of the Czech Republic, as well as citizens of other countries are doing everything with his left hand in order to understand how to live left-handers, if everything is made for right-handers.

Until now, scientists around the world can not come to a consensus about what causes affect the fact that children are born left-handed. Just a few decades ago, in Czech schools teachers were trying to re-educate these children, forcing them to take a pen in his right hand. As it turned out, forced retraining led to negative consequences that result in children developing physical abnormalities such as stuttering and enuresis. Among left-handers a lot of prominent people such as Napoleon, Goethe, the current president of America and many others.

According to scientists, the left-hander born with more advanced mental abilities, but, among these people, the disease occurs most often associated with diabetes and asthma. In support of the left-handed people, the people of UK in this day traditionally drink tea, holding the cup in his left hand.

Interesting Facts About Lefties

There are many more left-handed men in the world than women.

Representatives are perfectly sex Maxisizer France crème 10 times less often with a privileged left hand. In total, among all living people, according to rough estimates, about 12% are left-handed people.

In the Middle Ages left-handedness was considered a sign of man’s belonging to the dark forces, and it was not difficult to guess that attempts were made to eradicate the phenomenon through torture of the person.

A study that was conducted once in the United States of America confirmed the theory that left-handed people are more intelligent than right-handed people. The coefficient of mental development is higher.

Old women who have a child after forty, with a probability of up to 90%, give birth to a left-handed child. And at the women of 20 years of age the probability is minimal.

The northernmost residents still believe today that the southpaw is a full-fledged shaman who can practice rituals without special training. Also in the North of America it is believed that being born as a left-handed person means to be a lucky and lucky person in Maxisizer Ελλάδα κρέμα life. Some Islamic states forbid a person at the religious level to use food with the left hand, since by it they cleanse the body after the toilet, so they should eat only with a clean right hand. In addition, sometimes here go even further, forbidding a public demonstration of the left hand. This violation is punishable by the severity of the law.

It is generally believed that the left-hander is much more talented than the right-handed people

Left handedness can be inherited. For example, the royal family from Maxisizer България крем Great Britain has 4 people with a privileged left hand. If the child was born before the due date, most likely he will be left-handed. As a rule, a newborn who received a low Apgar score at birth is rarely right handed.

According to the results of observations, it is known that right-handed people demonstrate puberty much earlier. If the left-handed man loses the ability to work as the dominant hand as a result of trauma, he acquires the ability to wield his right hand much faster than a right-handed man who has lost a privileged hand.


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