Daily Use of Tomato Juice Prolongs Life

One of the most useful products that must be included in your diet are tomatoes, because in their composition, in addition to various kinds of vitamins, contain antioxidants that can prevent the onset of cancer.

In addition, they improve the walls of blood vessels, and also reduce the presence of harmful cholesterol, thereby improving the functioning of the heart system and favorably affecting the brain.

Scientists, having conducted a number of experiments, proved that daily consumption of one glass of tomato juice prolongs the life years, because it prevents the aging of cells. One of the most important factors is that tomato juice improves the functioning of the intestines and removes all harmful accumulations from the body, which helps to reduce excess weight.

The tomatoes contain sulfur, which stimulates the liver and kidneys. It is not recommended to drink juice on an empty stomach, best after 20 minutes after eating, it should be taken into account that in the packaged juice there are various additives that affect the shelf life of the juice, so it is best to prepare the juice yourself.

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