Daily Running Prolongs Life

In order to extend the years of life, it is necessary to comply with certain rules that will not only affect longevity, but also relieve the occurrence of various diseases.

Scientists say that in addition to proper nutrition, when only foods that do not harm are used for cooking, it is necessary to constantly allocate time for physical training.

In this case, it will be enough to run normally, which favorably affects the functioning of the heart system, preventing the occurrence of thrombi, and also strengthens the walls of blood vessels and significantly reduces the occurrence of a heart attack or stroke.

In addition, running does not allow the emergence of extra kilograms, from which, as is known, there are many diseases, such as diabetes mellitus and many others.

It is noted that it is enough to run for 50 minutes every day. Also, running improves the work of the respiratory system and joints, avoiding the deposition of salts, which often began to occur in people older than 40 years. Therefore, try to allocate time for running every day, and you will see a positive effect.

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