Daily Norm of Consumption of Bread

It is hard to imagine a dining table, which is not bread, because it is not only a complement to some dishes, but also replenishes your body with vitamins and amino acids.

In recent years, when most people are busy with the problem of excess weight, and is observed among the residents of most countries, it is proposed to completely eliminate it from the diet.

Many nutritionists do not agree with this conclusion and argue that a healthy person bread is a must, of course it should be consumed in moderation. Admissible norm is up to 250 grams per day. The black bread contains more nutrients, but it is not recommended to use those individuals who have gastrointestinal inflammatory processes.

As for obesity, it has more influence on fast food and convenience foods, containing in its composition the different fats and additives. It is no coincidence, that the inhabitants of those countries where the most popular hot dog, a hamburger, french fries, different fat figures.

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