Cultural Activities Improve Health

Scientists were able to identify a pattern that those who lead an active lifestyle and often attend various cultural events are distinguished by their longevity.

This is not surprising, because, for example, being in the theater or listening to a concert of symphonic music, we get the positive emotions that are beneficial to the heart and brain, not to mention the psychological state.

Residents of Spain are characterized by high life expectancy and the number of people who have completed more than 100 years, has quadrupled. It is no coincidence, because in this country there are plenty of different events, taking part in which people are having fun, happy, has a positive effect on general health.

Therefore, as far as possible, do not miss the chance to see any show, performances of entertainers, but one of the best options is to participate in sports competitions, such as the mass race, which are often carried out in many cities.

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