Cream from the Sun Worth Limiting

When we are going on vacation at sea, the first thing that gets into our luggage is of course sunscreen.

This year, scientists began to sound the alarm that because of excessive use of the cream against the sun, the human body has stopped getting enough vitamin D.

This vitamin, which we receive solely due to solar radiation, in many cases does not allow us to develop in our body a viral And infectious diseases. People, in pursuit of fashion, forgot about the grandfather’s methods of treatment.

After all, in the old days, colds were treated by heating in the sun.

Therefore, before you get carried away with novelties of cosmetic progress, it is worthwhile to think about what it will eventually bring. Of course, those who have snow-white skin, and who are prone to immediate burning, use sunscreen is simply necessary, but also in a moderate amount.

And if you have dark skin and you never burn in the sun, then you do not need any cream, it is better to enrich your body with vitamins, which will serve you well in winter.

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