Cranberry Best Winter Berry

07121613In summer and autumn, when the market an abundance of fruits and vegetables, we are constantly receives the necessary nutrients, however, with the advent of winter, their number is greatly reduced.

Since our body can not long retain the vitamins, they must be constantly replenished.

There are some products that are stored in all the beneficial properties for a long time. These include, for example, refers cranberries. This berry, among vitamin C, contains in its structure the B vitamins, as well as potassium, calcium and others. Since ancient times, the cranberries used during colds, because this berry is not only able to deal with viruses, but also reduces the temperature.

Drink cranberry recommended without heat treatment, but can be prepared and juice, which, in addition to anti-inflammatory properties, is a diuretic, so it is possible to use those people who have been swelling. In order to keep the cranberries will not necessarily preserve it and fill it with water is sufficient, having washed beforehand, or freeze, but jam it turns out very tasty.

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