How to cure a cough without medication?

There are cases when a person’s body temperature is normal, and suddenly appeared cough, does not pass, with obvious signs of colds, such as sore throat, runny nose, is not observed, why some people do not pay much attention to him, and nothing.

The fact is that the cough itself without any reason does not appear, so do not run it, and refer to a specialist for advice.

It will not be able to get rid of a cough without the use of drugs, but there are some folk remedies, which, if not cured to the end, improve health and prevent from complications. Even in ancient times, the cough were treated with various infusions using herbs such as plantain, marshmallow, chamomile and raspberry, which, incidentally, is considered antipyretic.

It is effectively proven inhalation, especially with eucalyptus, but on one condition, that you do not have a fever. In addition, spending inhalation at home, you should be very careful not to get burned by steam or boiling water.

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